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Safe and Sound Auto Alarms: Where they'll beat any deal - "Guaranteed"


     According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas was ranked second in the nation in auto theft offenses with over 102,943 vehicle theft losses in 2002.  As statistics for car theft have steadily increased, the need for auto security is a necessity, which is why Safe and Sound Auto Alarms has been around for more than 30 years. 

     When opening his business in 1990, owner Chris Torres said, "I was apprehensive at first and it was scary.  We're the third generation of this land, so I really don't have to pay any rent, and I don't have any overhead.  The only thing I have to concentrate on is getting the customers."

     Thousands of customers later, Torres said he handles all types of accounts from personal, to fleet accounts.  Torres said about his family owned and operated business, "We'll beat any competitor's price--guaranteed."

     Offering fleet accounts an additional 10 percent off, Torres said he has worked with the Brownsville Police Department, Cameron County Sheriff's Department, Drug Enforcement Administration and car dealerships including Luke Fruia and Ed Payne.  

     Selling basic alarms starting at $89.95, Torres said he strongly advises his clients to purchase the Ravelco anti-theft device, which cuts off the fuel line and ignition.  Vehicles equipped with this device usually take an estimated two to four hours to break into, he said.

     In addition, Torres said in response to a noise ordinance law passed in New York, "No more auto securities are permitted in their city.  Eventually, it's going to get down here.  That's why I try to concentrate pushing more of the Ravelco anti-theft device because it doesn't make any noise and there's no maintenance [required]."

     In a testimony written to Ravelco, Valerie A. from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma said, "Traveling from Oklahoma into Mexico for the holidays, we stopped at one of your distributors, Safe and Sound, and had a Ravelco installed...We are so lucky because the first night we stayed in Villahermosa, our 2003 Chevrolet Silverado was broken into...Police in Mexico said that if it were not for the Ravelco, our truck would been gone."

     It is common for tourists to have alarms installed during their visit.  Winter Texans contribute a great deal during the winter peak season.  Torres said, "Mostly the Winter Texans drive a lot of the Dodge pick-ups and Chrysler products, which get stolen a lot."

     Prices here are considerably less expensive in comparison to upstate and is probably another reason for northern tourists to have their alarms installed upon arrival.  "An anti-theft device upstate is running maybe $499 easy," he said.

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